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Tourist information about the Tikal National Park

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Tourist information about the Tikal National Park

The tikal TempleAttractions

The Tikal temples
There are six temples located in Tikal national park, all of them are very special. The Tikal Temple 1 : also known as the temple of the Jaguar is the most special . This 44 meters high temple is named after the jaguar that is engraved on the walls of the temple.

Tikal Visitor Center
Get your bearings at the visitor center which features a relief map of the ancient site, as well as a restaurant, restrooms, gift shops and a post-office.

Jungle canopy tour
An thrill ride along cables slung between tall trees in the jungle just outside the gate to Tikal National Park. You sit in a harness, slide from tree to tree, then climb up the tree to the next platform for the next cable. The highest trees poke above most of the canopy so you can see a long way. The longest cable ride is some 150m. This company has two routes. The main one is USD$30 .The second one is lower and shorter, at the end of a 20-minute walk into the forest, and costs USD$10.

Walking trails
There are a lot of trails that can be walked trough the jungle of Tikal, the trails are well maintained and you can spot the local wildlife when walking trough the forest.Tourist accommodations and accessibility


There are 3 hotels on the terrain and there is a camp site nearby the ruins of Tikal.

Most of the visitors stay in the nearby city of Flores, where there iare a lot more hotels. There is a shuttle bus in Flores that will go to the entrance of the park. 

The park's main gate opens at 06:00, and officially closes at 18:00. Buses and minibuses come in from all surrounding areas on a well maintained road. Tickets are purchased at the main gate, which is some miles away from the Visitors Center, where everyone parks.

San Juan Travel Agency has minibuses that will pick you up from your hotel in Flores in the morning on the hour and costs  50 Quetzales roundtrip leaving Tikal hourly from 2-6pm.

The best time to visit the park

Raining season is from April till October, so it is advisable to visit the park outside of these months. The temperatures are good all year round. 

Average weather conditions 

The weather in Tikal