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Tourist information about S�r-Spitsbergen National Park

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Tourist information about S�r-Spitsbergen National Park

Tourist accommodation and accessibility

Getting to Spitsbergen is a very expensive and time consuming activity. To best way to get there you is to get on a expedition cruise to Spitsbergen .

By plane
SAS has scheduled flights from Oslo ( 3 hours) and Tromsø (1.5 hours) to Longyearbyen.

Expedition Cruise
There are several agencies who arrange expedition cruises to Spitsbergen in the summer, then you will be accompanied by travel guides. That will make the expedition much saver.

There are no roads in Spitsbergen, travelling between islands or settlements can only be done by plane or helicopter. Boats can only be used in the summer. 


A range of accommodation is available only on Longyearbyen, which offers camping, guesthouses and luxury hotels. Barentsburg and Ny-Ålesund also have a single hotel each.

Lodging, eating and drinking is extremely expensive in Spitsbergen. 


The Polar Jazz Festival
This is the most northern pop festival in the world, every year at the end of January this pop festival is organised. In the freezing cold they are playing jazz and blues.

There are over 100 types of migrating birds to spot in Spitsbergen. If you want to see what kind of birds can be seen, click here.

Spotting the arctic nature
Here you can spot arctic nature in its rawest and most powerfull form. The island features glaciers and craggy mountains and arctic wildlife such as polar bears, reindeers, seals and walruses

The best time to visit the park.
Spitsbergen is in the near proximity of the North Pole, so in the winter it can get extremely cold. In the summer the climate is mild, the average temperature in the summer is 6 degrees.
The best time to visit Spitsbergen is in the summertime around may and September when the weather is mild and rain is scarce.