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Tourist information about Saxon Switzerland National Park

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Tourist information about Saxon Switzerland National Park


Boat Trips
The Elbe is perfect for long boat trips, from the waters you can have a magnificent view of the bizarre stone formations.

If you love nature, hiking in the Saxon region is a must. The rocky canyon landscape makes the trip a tough one. The highest peak is at 556 meters and can be walked, from here you can have a magnificent view of the Elbe. There are over 400 km of hiking trails in the park and they are well maintained.

The National park is extremely suitable for cycling in the mountains. You can rent bikes near the park, approximately 50 km of biking paths are to be found in the national park.

National Park House and Information center

This is the visiting centre of the National Park, it can be found in the village Bad Schandau. Here you can see interactive models of the park, 3D presentations of the park and get loads of information about the National Park.

Tourist accommodations and accessibility

The park is located near Dresden, a large city in East Germany. From Dresden you can get to the park by train or bus.

By train: There is a train station near the park, which departs several times a day from Dresden.

By bus: There is a connection between Dresden and Saxon National park

If you want to go to this park, you have to contact the Saxon Switzerland tourism office.

The best time to visit the park.

The park is opened throughout the whole year. The park is beautiful all year round, in the summer it is well suitable for hiking and in the winter you can see the beautiful winter landscape.

Average weather condition

The weather in Saxon