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Discover the nature of Plitvice Lakes National Park

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Discover the nature of Plitvice Lakes National Park

There are a lot of 'special' animals who live in the Pantanal region, we will give a short list of animals who live in the park.

Gray Wolf Gray Wolf
The Gray Wolf, being a keystone predator, is an important part of the ecosystems to which it typically belongs. The wide range of habitats where wolves thrive reflects their adaptability as a species, and includes temperate forests, mountains, tundra, taiga, and grasslands. Their height varies from 0.6 to0.9 meters at the shoulder, and weight from 32 to 62 kilograms.



The Fox
Foxes are small to medium sized omnivorous canids , you can find these animals in forests all over the world. Foxes are normally extremely wary of humans, so don't get to close to these animals. Most foxes live 2 to 3 years but can survive for up to 10 years, or even longer, in captivity.



Wild BoarWild Boar
A boar is a wild ancestor of the pig. It is native to the woodlands if Central Europe and Asia. Wild boars can weigh up to 400 kg and reach a length of 4 meters. The wild boar eats almost everything that they come across, foraging from dusk till dawn.



Deer Deer
In Plitvice you can find a lot of deer. Deer are widely distributed and are often hunted. Deer live in a variety of climates, you can find them all over the world.



Owls are birds of prey, who only hunt when it is dark outside. They mostly hunt small mammals, insects and often other kinds of birds. Owls can be recognised by their large forward-facing eyes and ears, a hawk-like beak, and usually a conspicuous circle of feathers around each eye called a facial disc.



Brown Bear
Brown Bear

There are some brown bears that can be spotted in Plitvice, although the largest populations of brown bears are located in Russia, there are few in Europe. The brown bear is a big animal that can weigh up to 700 kg and is of course, a treat to tourists. These animals are omnivores eating plant parts as well as berries, nuts, fish an small mammals.