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Discover the nature of the Pantanal National Park

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Discover the nature of the Pantanal National Park

There are a lot of 'special' animals who live in the Pantanal region, we will give a short list of animals who live in the park.

The Jaguar The Jaguar
The jaguar is one of the four 'big cats', along with the lion, the tiger and the leopard. The jaguar is a powerful and dangerous hunter, with a unusual killing method: It kills its prey by biting directly trough the skull delivering a fatal blow to the brain.



The CaimanThe Caiman
The Caiman is a reptile that you can compare with a Alligator. There are many similarities between these two reptiles, one of them is that they are unbelievable dangerous. You don't want to get to close to these animals



Giant OtterGiant Otter
The Giant otter is also known as the river wolf, it is the worlds longest otter. The otter reaches up  to 6 ft.(1.80m.) in length and can weigh up to 76lb.(34kg.) You can find these amazing animals by the Paraguay river.



Hyacint MacawHyacinth Macaw
In the forests of Pantanal you can find the Hyacinth Macaw, this is the largest of all the macaws in the world. The macaw is an endangered animal, because of animal smugglers who sell the macaw on the black market for a lot of money



Giant Armadillo
The giant Armadillo is the biggest of all the Armadillo's in the world. The armadillo weighs around 59 lb(27 kg.) and reaches up to 3feet (90 cm). It only eats termites and ants.



Brazilian Tapir

The Brazilian Tapir is one of the four species in the Tapir family. It is a herbivore who eats a lot of plants. A full grown Tapir can weigh  595 lb (270kg). This animal is only to be found in the Pantanal area.


A piranha is a carnivorous freshwater fish that lives in South American rivers. They are well known for their aggressive appetite for flesh and meat. They are normally about 15 cm to 25 cm long (6 to 10 inches), although in some cases there are piranhas that are over 40 cm.



Anacondas are one of the four species of the aquatic boa. This aggressive animal is an habitant of swamps and rivers in tropical South America. You can also find these animals in the Pantanal region. These animals can get over 10 meters in length and weigh over 250 kilograms.

Videos of the Pantanal 

Pantanal National Park is one of the most beautiful places in the world. In this video you can have a quick look at the nature of this amazing national park.


Photos of the Pantanal:









Sunset in the Pantanal







Lakes of the Pantanal






Sunrise at the Pantanal

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