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Tourist information about Murchison Falls National Park

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Tourist information about Murchison Falls National Park

Tourist attractions

The Murchison waterfalls
The Murchison waterfalls is a spot you have to look up, when you are in Murchison Falls.

If you are going to Murchison falls, you probably want to go on safari. Murchison Falls is one of the best places in the world for some extreme safari. Because of the fact that there are so many and diverse animals, a safari is a must. You will be accompanied by an touring guide who will show you anything that you want.

Bird Spotting
There are over a thousand species of birds in the area of Murchison Falls, Uganda is in fact the richest country in the world for birds. This makes thit park extremely suitable for bird spotting.

Boat trips Over Lake Albert
You can take boat trips over the Lake Albert. Here you can raft on the wild water. As you cruise you can see the magnificent wildlife and the wonderful scenery.

There is no other way to go to the park than by car, it will take a long day's drive to get there but it is worth it. If  you depart from Kampala, you will have to drive to Masindi. From here it is a 90 km north west drive.

Tourist accommodations

There are two lodges and a luxury camp-site in the National Park. If you want to stay here you have to contact the park authorities.

Entrance Fee

For non-residents, a one day permit costs US$20, for East African residents, US$10.


During the entire year it can get hot in the park, with an temperature that doesn't get under 22 degrees. Especially in January and February it can get extremely hot.

The best time to visit the park.

The park is accessible throughout the entire year, but it is advised to visit the park outside of January and February because it can get extremely hot.

Average weather conditions
The weather in Murchison Park