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Discover the nature of Sagarmatha National Park

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Discover the nature of Sagarmatha National Park

There are a lot of 'special' animals who live in Mount Everest National Park, we will give a short list of animals who live in the park.

Himalayan tahrHimalayan tahr
The Himalayan tahr is a close relative to the wild goat. It spend it summers grazing in high pastures and in the winter it comes down the mountain to mate. A tahr can weigh up to 180 kg and measure up to 170 cm, you can find these animals in the mountain slopes from Northern India to Tibet.



Musk DeerMusk Deer
The musk deer is a a more primitive version of the true deer, the haven't got antlers or facial glands. You can find these animals in the southern region of Russia and in the Himalayan region.



Himalayan Black BearHimalayan Black Bear
The Himalayan Black Bear also known as the Asiatic Black bear is a medium sized, sharp clawed , black coloured beer. It can grow to 2 meters in length and can weigh up to 150 kg. This animal can be found east to west on the Asian continent, including South Korea, North Korea, Afghanistan and Nepal. This animal is very aggressive, there have been numerous records of attacks on human. So be careful when you spot this animal.



A Langur is a leaf monkey that can be found in South-east Asia. They are called leaf monkeys because they eat mainly leaves. The Langur has got a long tail and a slim body, they can weigh up to 20kg and measure up to 60 cm.