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Tourist information about Manuel Antonio National Park

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Tourist information about Manuel Antonio National Park

Tourist accommodations and accessibility

The park is easy to access at only 5 kilometres of  Quepos. In this city there are enough hotels because it is a popular vacation spot. There are a lot of hotels in every price range.

The park opens each day at 08.00 and is open for 600 visitors a day, so you have to be early to access the park. The entrance fee is $6,  a bargain!


The Beaches
The beaches of Manuel Antonio are simply amazing, the white sand beaches are an unforgettable sight.
You can enjoy the sea and swim.

Water sports
Near the Manuel Antonio National park there are a lot of possibilities for water sports. Surfing and Jet skiing are

Horseback riding
You can go horseback riding trough the nature in the area around the National Park.

Hiking in the national park
There are 4 short trails in the park (1-3 km). You can do the most common one with a guide and then once your tour is over, take time to follow one of the other trails, and also go swim.

Wildlife spotting
There is a possibility to spot the wildlife in the Manuel Antonio National Park accompanied by a guide who knows all the right spots.

Because of the small length of the National park and the huge attention, it is hard to keep the national park a protected area.
Only 600 people are allowed in the park a day to preserve the national park.

The best time to visit the park

The dry season lasts from December through March, but it is commonly rather humid year-round. In rainy season the paths can get extremely muddy, on the other hand you have the chance to experience the park rather empty. 

Average weather conditions

The weather in Manuel Antonio