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Discover the nature of Manuel Antonio National Park

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Discover the nature of Manuel Antonio National Park

There are a lot of 'special' animals who live in the Manuel Antonio National Park, we will give a short list of animals who live in the park.

The Spider Monkey The Spider Monkey
Spider Monkeys can be found in tropical forest from southern Mexico to Brazil. These New World monkeys are disproportionally long and have got spindly limbs. These monkeys measure up to 89 centimetres and weigh up to 6.5 kilograms.



The White-headed CapuchinThe White-headed Capuchin
The White-headed Capuchin is a small New World monkey. Native to the forests of South and Central America, this monkey can be found in Costa Rica. These monkey are well known because of the fact that they are highly intelligent. The white headed Capuchin can reach a length of 45 centimetres and weigh up to 4 km. These animals are also of great importance for the rainforrest ecology by their role in dispersing seeds and pollen.



Howler MonkeysHowler Monkeys
Howler Monkeys are among the largest of the New World monkeys. Howler Monkeys range in size from 56 to 92 cm. They are called howling monkeys because of the way they communicate, vocal animal communication is an important part of their social behaviour. There is only one creature in the world louder than the Howler Monkey and that is the Blue Whale.



The SlothThe Sloth
Sloths are medium sized mammals that you can find in Manuel Antonio National Park. These animals are omnivores, their diet consists mostly of buds, tender shoots and leaves but they often eat insects and small lizards