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Tourist information about Jasper National Park

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Tourist information about Jasper National Park

Visitors information

Jasper is situated 400 km north west of Calgary and 800 km north east of Vancouver. The nearest big city is Edmonton situated 370 km west of Jasper.

All visitors stopping in the park (even just for gas) require a park permit. If you are driving strait through the pass is not required. Day passes and annual passes are available.

* Day pass: $8 adult, $4 youth, $7 senior, $16 family.
* Annual pass: $55 adult, $27 youth, $47 senior, $109 family. 

You can get to the park  by car, rail and bus.

By Vehicle:
The Trans-Canada Highway #16, also known as the Yellowhead Highway runs trough the park and is the main road if you want to go Jasper National Park.

By train:
Via Rail has a regular train service to Jasper, departing from Edmonton and Vancouver.
For more information click here. http://www.viarail.ca/

By Bus:
A regular Greyhound bus service is driving to Jasper, for more information click here.


Hotels and lodging in Jasper
There are a lot of Hotels and Camp sites near and in the Jasper National Park area.

Tourist attractions

Miete Hot Springs
Here you can find the hottest water in the Canadian Rockies. The water in these hot springs is around 54 degrees Celsius during the entire year. The water is cooled to a comfortable 39 degrees for recreational purposes, so you can dip right in.

Athabasca falls
Athabasca falls is one of the most breathtaking falls in the Jasper area. It  is a starting point for white water rafting in the summer and in the winter it is accessible for cross-county skiing.

Mounth edith cavell
This is a mountain in the Jasper area, it rises up to 2,135 meters. This mountain can be climbed in winter and is also accessible for trailing in the summertime.

The best time to visit the park

The Best time to visit the park is during the fall and during the fall. This to avoid the heath of the summer and the snow in the winter.

Average conditions 

The weather in Jasper National Park