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Tourist information about Iguaz˙ National Park

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Tourist information about Iguaz˙ National Park

Tourist accommodations and accessibility
There is a airport in the city Foz do Iguaça, and that is near the park. From there you can take a bus to go to the entrance of the park.
There are hotels in every price range available in Foz do Iguaça
There are camp-sites in Puerto Iguaça,
The visiting area consist of a single circuit of roads facing the waterfalls. This circuit is 1200 meters long, this area is also suitable for wheelchairs.

Custom requirements for Entering Brazil
A Passport with Brazilian visa.

When travelling with children, the marriage register book of their birth certificates must be carried.

Minors travelling without parents must present a notarized authorization from both parents.

What do you need when coming to Iguacu:
In the winter months June, July and August you need a hot sweater. In the summer, especially in February and March a good mosquitoes spray is necessary..
When you are going trough the park you should always take a poncho with you.


Boat trips
There is a possibility to cruise trough the waterfalls is a rubber boat. This trip will take an hour and a half and it there is a spot where you can observe the vegetation up close.

The devils mouth
You can describe the Devil's Mouth as the most exiting part of the national park. Approximately 275 waterfalls stretch for 2.5 miles plunging 82 meters into Iguaçu River. The name of the falls comes from the Guarani Indian word meaning "great water"

The best time to visit the park
The best time to visit is between August and November, because than it isn't to hot. In December and January it is around 40 degrees in the park. In al the other months the weather is not perfect.

The weather in Iguacu