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Discover the nature of Iguaz˙ national park

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Discover the nature of Iguaz˙ national park

The park's fauna includes several of endangered species: The most spectacular animals are:

Lobo Gargantilla The Lobo Gargantilla
(a.k.a Great river otter) is the largest otter in the world. The animal can be 2.40 meters in length and weigh up to 25 kilograms.
Its diet is mainly eating fish, small mammals and turtles.



Bush DogBush Dog
The bush dog is a canid that can be found in Central America and Southern America. This animal is 70 cm in length and weighs up to 7 kg.
The Bush dogs operates in groups, when attacking their preys. Their preys are mostly small mammals like rabbits, rodents and birds



Brazilian TapirThe Tapir
The tapir is a large mammal, most of the tapirs are about 2 meters long and can weigh up to 300 kg.
This pig like animal spend a good deal of their time under water, tapirs will swim and sink to the bottom of a lake or river and to allow small fish to pick parasites of their bodies. The diet of a tapir includes fruit, leaves and berries.



Hyacint MacawHyacinth Macaw
In the forests of Pantanal you can find the Hyacinth Macaw, this is the largest of all the macaws in the world. The macaw is an endangered animal, because of animal smugglers who sell the macaw on the black market for a lot of money



JaguarThe Jaguar
The jaguar is one of the four 'big cats', along with the lion, the tiger and the leopard. The jaguar is a powerful and dangerous hunter, with a unusual killing method: It kills its prey by biting directly trough the skull delivering a fatal blow to the brain. You can find these animals in the jungle of Iguazu.



Impressive treesImpressive trees
In the rainforest of Canaima you can find the Palo Rosa. This is the tallest in the Misiones rainforrest. With a height of 42 meters it stands out of the park.