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Discover the nature of The Great Barrier Reef National Park

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Discover the nature of The Great Barrier Reef National Park

There are a lot of 'special' animals who live in the Great Barrier Reef, we will give a short list of animals who live in the park.

The Black MarlinThe Black Marlin
The Black Marlin can be found in the Great Barrier Reef, this animal can be recognised by its spear like snout. This type of marlin can weigh up to 800 kg, making it the biggest bony fish in the world.



The Blue Ring OctopusThe Blue Ring Octopus
The Blue Ring Octopus can be found in two sizes, most of the Octopuses are small (10 cm), but there are also bigger types. The Blue Ring Octopus has got a brown to yellow colour, but what makes the Octopus special is the fact that it lights up when the animal feels threatened. Don't touch this animal because the animal carries enough poison to kill 25 humans. There is not an antidote for a bite of this octopus.



The stingrayThe stingray
This is the animal who had a lot of publicity because of the death of Steve Irwin. He was deceased when a stingray spine pierced trough his chest. The stingray can be described as a flat fish no bigger than a human palm. They are poisoned, but they only use their spines when they are threatened.



The lion fishThe lion fish
The lion fish is a venomous fish that can be found in the reef. Don't let the beauty of this animal fool you, you don't want to get spined by this animal. Although it wont kill you, it is not good for you.



Although they are rare in this area, you can encounter sharks in the marine park.