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Tourist information about Grand Canyon National Park

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Tourist information about Grand Canyon National Park

Tourist information

Most of the visitors who visit the Grand Canyon National Park come during the spring and the fall, this is the time when you can avoid the summer heat and the winter snows that often blanket the South and North Rims.

The South Rim is open each day of the year. Most of the visitors who come to the National Park, stay at the South Rim. This is a nice place for lodging and camping.
The South rim is average 2100 meters above sea level, so it isn't suitable for tourist with hearth conditions and respiratory.
At the North Rim there are a lot of museums and other activity's you can do when visiting.

The North Rim is 1000 meters higher than the South Rim, and it is more eroded. Because of these factors and others, the park isn't open all the days of the year. During the winter months most of the North Rim is closed and the Highway 67 isn't open.  The views from the North Rims are even more impressive than the South Rims.

A tour from the south rim to the North rim takes about 5 hours, in these 5 hours you can see a lot of beautiful natural scenery. You can get amazed over the

Tourist accommodations and accessibility

You can come to Grand Canyon National Park(south rim) by car.

From Las Vegas:
If you go south on Us Highway 93 to Kingman, Arizona and then east on Interstate 40 to Williams. At the Arizona Highway 64 junction, turn  north and proceed to the south entrance of Grand Canyon National Park. This is a 270 miles drive and will take approximately 5 hours and 30 minutes driving time.

From Flagstaff:
Take Interstate 40 west to Williams. At the AZ Highway 64 junction turn north and proceed to the south entrance of Grand Canyon National Park.  This is a 80 miles drive and will take approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes driving time.


Backpacking and hiking
The Grand Canyon is a great place for some extreme hiking and camping outside. The Grand Canyon National Park receives approximately 30,000 request for back country permits, but only issues 13,000 permits each year. This is why it isn't always possible for people to hike and camp inside the Grand Canyon.
Nonetheless people often ignore the rules and if they do decide  to camp outside, the are not always informed about the possible dangers that camping in the wild nature brings.

White water rafting
Rafting trough the white waters of the Grand Canyon is recommendable, because of the great fun and the beautiful scenery what comes along with it.
There is only one problem with rafting in this area and that is that the water can get rough. So it maybe isn't the best place to begin rafting.

Helicopter Tours
If you want to see the whole park from above, a helicopter tour is a great recommendation. You can see so much when you are flying over the Grand Canyon. There a different tours in different price ranges, so you can see what you want to see.

Canyon view and information point
At this information plaza, park rangers can answer your questions and you can look at the several tour possibilities that are possible. Here you can find all sorts of useful information about the Grand Canyon National Park.

The best time to visit the park
The Best time to visit the park is during the fall and during the fall. This to avoid the heath of the summer and the snow in the winter.

Average weather conditions 

Weather in the Grand Canyon