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Tourist information about Everglades National Park

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Tourist information about Everglades National Park


Boat trips
You can take excellent boat trips trough the waters of the Everglades,  when cruising trough the waters you can observe the most impressive nature of America.

diverse tours
You can take several diverse tours trough the Everglades, examples of the tours are:
Journey trough the grasslands.
A jungle trough the wilderness .
An island hopping tour.
A crocodile viewing tour.

The number one tourist activity in the Everglades is fishing, most of the fishing is done with fast moving bates like snakes, frogs, big worms and spoons.
Fishing in the Everglades is like no where else in this world, the Everglades is a sub tropical wilderness.
You can find a large diversity of fish in the waters, like the Crappie, the sunfish, the Largemouth Bass and the Channel catfish.
There a many fishing charters in the Everglades.

Visitor center 
The park has four visitor centers, here you can get information about the park and more.

* Ernest Coe Visitor Center, Homestead, +1 305-242-7700. Nov-Apr: 8AM-5PM; May-Oct: 9AM-5PM. Open year round, this center offers educational displays, orientation films, informational brochures and a series of walking trails a short drive away. A bookstore with film, postcards, and insect repellent. Restrooms.

* Flamingo Visitor Center, Flamingo, +1 239-695-2945. Generally open from 8:30AM-5PM from mid-November to mid-April. Summer hours are intermittent and subject to change. Educational displays, informational brochures, backcountry permits and restrooms. Public boat ramps are also located nearby. Several hiking and canoeing trails begin nearby..

* Shark Valley Visitor Center, Highway 41 (Tamiami Trail) (25 miles west of the Florida Turnpike exit for S.W. 8th Street), Phone: 305-221-8776. Daily 8:45AM-5:15PM in winter, 9:15AM-5:15PM in summer. Hours subject to change. In the heart of the "River of Grass", with educational displays, informational brochures, and guided tram tours. Bicycles may be rented at the center. Books, postcards, film, insect repellent, and other items are available for sale. Vending machines dispense snacks and soft drinks. Restrooms.

* Gulf Coast Visitor Center, Everglades City, +1 239-695-3311. Daily, 8AM-4:30PM in winter; 9AM-4:30PM in summer. The gateway for exploring the Ten Thousand Islands, a maze of mangrove islands and waterways that extends to Flamingo and Florida Bay. Offers educational displays, orientation films, informational brochures, boat tours and canoe rentals. Backcountry permits available. Restaurants, stores, lodging and campgrounds are nearby. Restrooms. 

Documents needed for entering U.S.A

A passport and a visa are the two critical documents you will need to enter the United States.

Tourist accommodations and accessibility

In the late 1800's the first signs of tourism where noticeable to the Everglades. Nowadays the Everglades is a well visited National Park and one of the hotspots of Florida.

The best way to visit the Everglades is take a flight to Miami airport and you can take several buses to hotels near the Everglades

Entrance fees:
* Vehicles $10 for 7 days.
* Pedestrian/bicyclist $5 for 7 days.
* Everglades National Park Annual Pass $25 is valid for twelve months from the date of purchase. It admits the purchaser and any accompanying persons in a single, private, non-commercial vehicle, or the purchaser and accompanying immediate family (spouse, children, parents) when entry is by other means (bicycle, foot, and boat).
*Activity fees: Camping Fees at park campgrounds: $14 per night.
*Backcountry Camping Fees (Permit Required): $10 per permit plus $2 per person per night. Maximum 14 days.

The park is well accessible (even for wheelchairs) and modified for tourism.

The best time to visit the park
The best time to visit the park is during the dry season from October to March, this is because the temperatures aren't as high as in the summer and the chance of rain is decreased.
In the dry season the wildlife is more visible, however you'll encounter more crowds during these months.

The weather in the Everglades