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Discover the nature of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park

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Discover the nature of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park

There are a lot of 'special' animals who live on Bromo, we will give a short list of animals who live in the park.

Rusa DeerThe Rusa Deer
The Rusa deer is a deer that you can find on Java, these animals are native to South-East Asia and Australia and New Zealand. Rusa are a medium-sized species of deer, weighing around 120 kg and measuring up to 1 meter. The Rusa deer can be recognised by its three tined antlers. .



Barking DeerBarking Deer
The Muntjac is the oldest known deer, appearing 15 to 35 million years ago with remains found in Germany and France. Nowadays you can find these animals is Southeast Asia, especially in the Bromo region. These animals can grow up to a meter in height and weigh up to 100 kg,



A leopard is a big cat, that can be found in the southern parts of Asia. Full grown male leopards can weigh up to 95 kg. Leopards have the ability to go undetected when attacking their prey, this makes them hard to spot. The leopard preys monkeys, rodents, birds, fish and wild pigs.



A Langur is a leaf monkey that can be found in South-east Asia. They are called leaf monkeys because they eat mainly leaves. The Langur has got a long tail and a slim body, they can weigh up to 20kg and measure up to 60 cm.



common porcupine
Porcupine are rodents with a coat of sharp spines, these coats protect them from predators. The animals are about 70 cm in length and weighing about 15 kg. These animals can only be found in tropical regions.



Wild Pigs

A wild pig is a wild ancestor of the domestic pig, you can find these aggressive animals in Java. These animals can weigh up to 300 kg.