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Tourist information about National Park Berchtesgaden

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Tourist information about National Park Berchtesgaden

Tourist information about National Park Berchtesgaden


There are a lot of pensions and hotels in the area of Berchtesgaden, you can get an hotel in every price range.

You can get to the park by car.

You will need a car to go to the National Park. It is not hard to find, Berchtesgaden is a medium sized city that can be easily found. You can get there by driving trough the Alpine road, during the trip you will have a spectacular view of the south German nature. The nearest airports are those of Salzburg and Munchen.

You can get to the park by train

Berchtesgaden has got a train station that is well connected with those of Frankfurt and Munich.


Lake Königssee is Germany's cleanest and Highest lake, and it can be found in Berchtesgaden National Park. The lake is 603 meters above sealevel and is 190 meters deep. For many tourists the Königssee is the start of their tour trough Berchtesgaden, here they can admire the impressive mountains and can sail on the lake.

The salt mines
The salt mines of Berchtesgaden. Here you can ride down a wooden slide into the depths of the mines.

Eagle's nest
One of the most famous spots in the park is the Eagle's nest, this was the vacation residence of Adolf Hitler, during the second World War. Now it is a tourist attraction with an museum and a restaurant.

There are a lot of birds in the region, The area is famous for their breeding Corncrakes, Snipes, Whinchats, Stonechats, Scarlet Rosefinchthe and many more.

There are a lot of trails in the National Park Berchtesgaden. You can walk for miles and miles trough the park.

There are possibilities to go climbing in the National Park or in the area around the park. Schonau is a populair place to climb, this is a place near the Königssee. In the winter this becomes a popular alpine climbing area.

The best time to visit

In berchtesgaden the summer are hot +/- 25 degrees and the winters can get cold. You have to keep in mind that tempratures can vary because of the differnce in height.

Average weather conditions

The weather in Berchtesgaden